Regis Hair Salon Nears Settlement in Wage & Hour Lawsuit

Fong et al. v. Regis Corp. et al., case number 3:13-cv-04497 in the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California.

On November 12, 2015, a California federal court was asked to preliminarily approve a proposed settlement of $5.75 million in the Regis Corp. wage and hour putative class action lawsuit. The case, which was initially filed in 2013, alleges that Regis violated California labor laws and the FLSA by failing to minimum and overtime wages to its stylists and salon coordinators. Among other claims, the plaintiffs allege that Regis failed to provide meal periods and rest breaks, failed to pay wages upon termination, and failed to reimburse business expenses.

According to the terms of the settlement the plaintiffs’ attorneys would collect $1.9 million and each of the 5,573 putative class members would get $150 plus a prorated amount of what remains after service awards are given to the named plaintiffs, the settlement administrator fees are paid, and Regis pays penalties to the state government.

The case serves as a reminder that failing to comply with California labor laws can be a costly mistake.

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