Brendan Ford of Ford & Diulio PC on How to Create a Successful Career in Conflict Resolution and Mediation

What does creating a highly successful career in conflict resolution and mediation take? Founding partner Brendan Ford answered this question — and more — during an interview recently with Authority Magazine.

In this article, Brendan shares what has shaped him as a litigator, mediator and law firm founder, including three character traits that he believes have been most instrumental to his success, and how he is expanding the firm’s mediation services to include class action cases.

“Learn as much as possible, as often as possible, in all four areas. Books, podcasts, seminars, conferences, programs, webinars, etc. are all great ways to stay current on issues, trends, and innovations. Teach others about what you’ve learned. I love speaking to groups large and small about mediation and conflict resolution. It not only establishes me as a thought leader and authority figure, but more importantly cements the information I’ve learned in my mind.”

He also delves deep into the practice of conflict resolution and mediation with interviewer Eric Pines and addresses:

  • What mediation is and isn’t
  • How conflict resolution and mediation differ
  • Examples of common disputes suitable for conflict resolution and mediation
  • Why the skills and tools of conflict resolution and mediation are so important
  • Common misconceptions about conflict resolution and mediation

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