Car Crash? What to Do First

Getting into a serious car accident is a traumatic event. Emotions are running high. You or someone you love may be seriously injured. And you may be wondering what to do next.

In this post, I will go over a suggested “to-do” list in the unfortunate event that you get into a car accident involving significant property damage, injuries, or death. In later posts, I will explain why each step is critical in the event you decide to hire a personal injury attorney and sue the other driver(s).
Stay at the Scene
Determine if anyone at the accident scene needs medical treatment.
Call the police and inform them that there has been an accident and that people need medical attention.
Exchange contact and insurance information with all other drivers involved in the accident.
DO NOT accept responsibility for the accident, or say anything that could be construed as accepting responsibility.
DO NOT get into an altercation with any of the other drivers/passengers.
If possible, get witness information.
If possible, take photographs of the accident scene and the damage to the vehicle(s).
Notify your insurance company of the accident.
Get medical treatment, and follow your physician’s advice.
If you suffered personal injuries, hire a personal injury attorney.
DO NOT talk to anyone from the other driver’s insurance company about the accident, no matter how persistent they are.
Get two estimates on the value of the repairs, or the replacement cost of the vehicle in the event it is a total loss.
If your claim involves significant property damage, personal injuries, or death, DO NOT settle the case with the insurance company without first consulting with an attorney.
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